The use of customer service standards is an international business practice that would not exist unless it was successful, including from a financial point of view. Below are the most essential reasons why service standards is a long-lasting investment:

  • each client is a company’s most reliable and significant promoter;
  • customer satisfaction facilitates loyalty, trust and repeated use of services while positive feedback and recommendations given to other people facilitate the flow of new clients;
  • people avoid places with poor customer service, where they don’t feel welcome, ignored or like an inconvenience, and suggest others to avoid such places;
  • clients don’t just read other people’s online reviews, they also share their own feedback and experience with their friends and the rest of the world;
  • feedback from others not only creates an impression about the place, it also affects their decision while making a choice between products and services of competing companies;
  • costly marketing and sales activities lose their yield and potential once the client comes across negative feedback or has a negative experience himself;
  • professional and personalised service overcomes certain disadvantages of the company and reduces the importance of the advantages held by competitors;
  • by meeting the quality standards, personnel not only improve the quality of customer service but also become an effective sales team.

You will not have a second chance to leave a first impression, therefore service standards provide a valuable foundation to meet, as well as exceed the needs and expectations of each and every customer.

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