Centurion Hospitality specialises in the development of customer service and service quality standards and their individual adjustment and introduction at hotels, restaurants and spa centres. With effective and verified methods, the company also provides staff training and mystery shopping services.


Centurion Hospitality service standards have been formed from experience gained over many years, as well as from traditions and globally-recognised business practice widely used by the world’s leading hospitality companies. These service quality standards can be individually adjusted to fit the concept of any hotel, restaurant and spa centre, and were created to ensure a level of service where each and every detail has been thought over. Centurion Hospitality also develops brand service standards for hospitality companies of various alliances, chains, groups and collections.

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The best way to determine the everyday service quality of a hospitality company, is to visit it when nobody knows that they are being assessed. Centurion Hospitality employs mystery shoppers with years of experience in hospitality, who use the services of the company and assess them according to detailed, particular quality criteria. With the help of the visit, existing faults are quickly identified, allowing effective improvement of service quality and the overall customer experience in the future.

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Centurion Hospitality training programme has been created and is run by professionals with years of experience and knowledge of hospitality and its trends. We share our knowledge to ensure, maintain and improve service quality in the long term. To achieve this, we have created a professional and engaging learning programme, which is based on theoretical and practical examples.

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We are professionals with extensive knowledge in hospitality, and we help to eliminate mistakes that guests tend not to forget. We have gained experience, knowledge and life lessons; we understand hospitality and share our passion to make the industry evolve.

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Centurion Hospitality was named after Centurion – professional officer of the Roman army, whose experience and valour were a crucial factor in maintaining order on the battlefield and ensuring Rome’s military success.

By standing up for true hospitality and professional customer service, it is also us who carry the image of a leader and warrior. We share our experience to fight for guest satisfaction and successful business; we strive for comfort of life, bright moments and unforgettable memories. We are hospitality and tourism professionals who carry the spirit of a warrior with true pride.