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Why does a guest choose to return, or not to return, to a particular establishment?

During their life people visit a number of hotels, restaurants and spa centres and not all of them stay in their memory. But if they do remember a particular place, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons:

very positive experience – the guest’s expectations were exceeded (the wow factor);
negative experience – a particular place was disappointing (the food, quality of service etc.).

Places providing a mediocre quality of service are quickly forgotten, because it was nothing special. The experience was neutral, plain. Take a meal in a restaurant for example – the food was tasty, the interior was modern, the background music was neutral, the waiter did not make any major mistakes during the service, as well as the hospitality was acceptable – the overall experience was good. BUT… was it good enough for the guest to want to return?

Whereby, places that impress us both for the special taste of food and its presentation, as well as professional and genuine hospitality (a place where our expectations are exceeded), we want to return to, as well as recommend to others.

In addition to the two above mentioned reasons there is another one for why we remember a certain restaurant, hotel or spa particularly well. And this reason is – complaint and problem solving. Even if the problem was not solved in the end, the customer will definitely remember the true empathy, interest, devotion and helpfulness provided by the employee while attempting to solve the problem. All of this has the effect of making the guest feel special, important and appreciated. And this is the reason why he or she will want to return to give it another chance. Conversely, if the problem was solved very superficially, with a rather disinterested and uncaring attitude, perhaps leaving the guest feeling like they are a burden, he or she most likely will not return, as well as will tell others about this negative experience.

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