Below you can get acquainted to the principles of Centurion Hospitality data processing and privacy policy that apply to the collection, storage and use of personal data of the potential and existing customers.

Your personal data is processed to provide the highest possible quality of the services and the communication related to them. We may use your personal data to:

– reply to your requests and inquiries;
– send you informative materials and document samples;
– implement marketing and sale of our services and implement market research;
– conduct research, analysis and statistics of the user habits of this website;
– recommend or display relevant content on the internet;
– prepare agreements and process documents related to them;
– provide provision of services and facilitate their successful operation.

Your data is collected during Centurion Hospitality marketing campaigns, surveys and events, when you provide your contact information on this website, through the use of cookies, as well as when we receive publicly available information about you as the company representative.

The personal data we collect may include:

– name, surname, position and company represented;
– phone number, e-mail address and the actual address;
– information related to the provision of services, customer relations and their management;
– information required for the performance of duties specified by the law;
– information related to cookies (please see more information below).

We use cookies to provide and to further develop our services. We use them to personalise content and marketing audiences. By using cookies, we can improve our provision of personalized services by offering content that you are interested in. Cookies also provide, for example, login and authentication, maintaining of personal settings and specifications, analysing of the performance and usage habits of this website. When you use our online services, cookies may collect the following information: IP address, the links you use, the ads or content you have previously viewed, the page you arrived from and what page you visited, as well as the duration of the browsing, browser or application version you are using, and other similar information. This website and services may also contain third party cookies.

We use session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only work during a specific session or per visit and are automatically deleted, when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies exist for a certain period of time and are stored on your computer after the end of the session, unless they are deleted beforehand. Cookies do not harm your device or the data stored on it in any way.

You can manage cookies at browser management settings. More information about cookies is available in the privacy protection or instruction documents of each browser. As the cookies determine the functionality of certain services, disabling and deleting cookies (in the browser and other menus) may impair the functionality and user interaction with the online services provided by this website.

You have the right to check the information stored about you, to request to correct inaccurate or insufficient data, as well as to request the deletion of outdated data or information that is not required for the purpose of data processing.

You have the right to prohibit the use of your data for marketing purposes, by e-mailing us at You can also opt out of receiving targeted advertising sent to you based on your online behaviour by disabling cookies, as provided above. After opting out, you can still see the ads, but they won’t be personalised according to the topics you are interested in.

We protect your personal data by observing special caution and using appropriate methods of data protection. The methods include encryption techniques, access control and security systems, controlled access and user rights, the use of a firewall, and the monitoring and provision of user skills by providing training to the employees of Centurion Hospitality, who are involved in the processing of personal data.

Your data may be disclosed outside Centurion Hospitality only for specific purposes, based on the law, the cooperation agreement or your consent.

We assume that before using this website you have read and agree to the data processing and privacy policy described above.

Regarding all issues related to data processing and privacy policy, please e-mail your inquiries to

The above provided information was last updated on: 27.01.2021.